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The integration of key Asset related applications, with option of a hosted managed service, with GPS positional information, and providing critical communication services has been at the core of TerraVision service solutions over the last 25 years. This allows organisations to have accurate and representative data, for management reporting and productivity purposes, available in real time and in historical reports anytime/anywhere, including using Smart Phone applications.

TerraVision is able to provide clients with an easy to use and functional Web based real time vehicle tracking and VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) platform. This online service readily enables clients to efficiently manage the location of a mobile fleet or workforce at the click of a button. Our web tracking platform was designed to enable clients with the ability to monitor valuable vehicles and assets through 24-hour access to the TerraVision Web Tracking site via a secure online portal from any computer with internet access. Additional features such as historical data and reporting functions are also accessed easily online.

The system uses Inmarsat-C for vessel monitoring. The Inmarsat-C service provides reliable global coverage which can be set to report as frequently as 30 minutes or as little as one report per day. You tell us how you want your vessels tracked.
For coverage closer to shore, other communications may be more suitable.

Typically fishing vessels usually require an Inmarsat-C terminal for safety and required monitoring by an FMC (Fisheries monitoring Centre). In fact, your vessel may not be able to go fishing if the Inmarsat-C device is not operating correctly. So, adding TerraVision Web Tracking service to a required device makes more efficient and effective use of this device giving you monitoring power over you fleet. Vessel Tracking has now become easy with the TerraVision Web Tracking service and almost essential if you have more than one vessel in your fleet.

Costs include a per vessel monthly administration charge along with a charge per position received from the vessel.

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TerraVision developed a comprehensive, and innovative Fleet Management productivity system, using its mining expertise gained from the implementation and experiences gained in the mining industry from early 1980’s including developing MineMap, mine planning software tool.

In 2009 TerraVision deployed the first innovative Fleet Management system, using a robust non WiFi mesh radio communication network, embedded IVU systems, and TerraVision proven back end server processing solution to offer innovative state of the art Fleet Management service to the mining industry.

Today BluePipe managed service offers an Asset Fleet Management service operated and supported by BluePipe staff using a centralised facility. As BluePipe is a managed service mine staff are not required to run the operations of the system, but, are simply users of the system. BluePipe ensures “accurate and representative data” is available in quasi real time on Smart Phones/Tablets and also with standard end of shift reports, with any exceptions and issues identified by BluePipe staff.

As the BluePipe equipment is based on embedded controller hardware technology (with integrated batteries), with simplified antenna structures using cellular, and innovative ISM mesh radio networks (using data diaries), so no fleet management data can be lost on or off the mine site. (No complex WiFi networks, are required to be installed and maintained with multiple trailers, etc).

TerraVision joined forces with PocketPhone in 2005, to develop BlackBox Control, a system using GPS, messaging and information packets across standard and new generation communications networks to create terrestrial tracking systems for freight carriers, fleet operators as well as remote monitoring or operation of plant.

Data acquisition and reporting are features of the system to provide Enterprise Resource efficiencies and operations control.

TerraVision is the supplier of BlackBox Control’s evidentiary grade system. This system has been certified by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) as an Intelligent Access Program (IAP) evidentiary system. TCA audits this system as part of the ongoing certification processes, thus making the information obtained by the system admissible in a court of law.