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Maritime Operations

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Vessel Monitoring, Fisheries Management and Maritime Operations

TerraVision has developed significant expertise in maritime tracking, using various satellite system platforms (including its own THISS Satellite system)

TerraVision has successfully provided a dominant market share of world (circa 1/3rd) government fisheries agencies with electronic fishing vessel surveillance and management tools.

These tools apply business rules to electronic signatures of activity to determine such things as “days at sea” for quota management, ETA for port management, also to coordinate surveillance activities, and truth (in an operational sense) long range radar systems.

Certainly it has been able to enjoy high moral ground product positioning when applied to the fishing industry’s dilemma of an estimated 70% of the world’s fisheries currently being fished at their capacity or over-fished.

TerraVision has had the privilege of supplying maritime operations management systems to the following :

  • Australian Customs – Coast Watch
  • Australian Maritime – Safety Authority
  • Queensland Fisheries Departments
  • Queensland Government Reef Rep System
  • Belgium Sea Fisheries Inspectorate
  • Canadian Dept of Fisheries And Oceans – Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Dept of Fisheries And Oceans – Quebec
  • Canadian Dept of Fisheries And Oceans – NewFoundland
  • Canadian Dept of Fisheries And Oceans – British Colombia
  • Danish Fisheries
  • Department of Defence – Australia
  • Department of Forestry & Fish – Finland
  • Department of Primary Industry & Fisheries – Tasmania
  • Dutch Fisheries
  • Estonian Environmental Inspectorate
  • Indonesian Fisheries and Oceans Department
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  • Latvian Fisheries
  • Lithuanian Fisheries
  • Maldives Fisheries
  • National Fisheries Surveillance Project (PNG)
  • Newcastle Port Authority
  • Swedish Fisheries
  • The Greenland Fisheries License Control Authority