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Communication Systems

The integration of key Asset related applications, with option of a hosted managed service, with GPS positional information, and providing critical communication services has been at the core of TerraVision service solutions over the last 25 years. This allows remote locations such as mine sites, to have the benefit of 4G broadband network solutions, which offers much more robust data links, with increased network coverage, than WiFi networks and without having to commit to very expensive CAPEX solutions.

TerraVision has implemented satellite communication applications using various well established services such as Inmarsat C, Iridium, Argos and other new L band mobile satellite products are under evaluation. TerraVision is also very experienced in the design, implementation and operation of critical radio services using high latency, low bit rate data connections.

THISS (TerraVision Hart Integrated Satellite System) Technologies Pte Ltd, was established in 2003, and is headquartered in Singapore. It has developed innovative satellite communications product lines in various market segments by combining burst mode CDMA modems, small sized C and Ku Band antenna with system technology to create compact and cost‐effective satellite terminal solutions.

These products include small sized (circa 60cm diameter) C band and Ku Band Maritime VSAT’s providing Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) shared access services deployed on Fisheries and other small sized vessels operating in the harsh conditions of North Pacific ocean. THISS has also deployed innovative, critical low latency Telemetry network for the Western Pacific Ocean using small sized VSAT’s for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. This network operates as key part of the Australian and global Tsunami warning network’s.

TerraVision has developed various terrestrial wireless and cellular network product solutions using proprietary protocols ensuring data integrity in all transmission and server solutions. The current TerraVision Internal Vehicle Unit (IVU) was developed in 2010 and supports up to six different radio technologies including Zigbee ISM “mesh” radio networks, WiFI, various 3G and 4G cellular and satellite modems. With embedded controller technology and internal back-up battery, advanced sleep modes the TerraVision IVU offers very secure “data diary”, so no critical asset data is ever lost. The TerraVision IVU has been deployed in numerous different land and maritime market applications and proven to be very reliable and robust, even operating in harsh tropical environments.

TerraVision has recently invested in innovative Enterprise LTE (4G) private network cellular solutions. Using hosted and embedded EPC cores, with small cell eNodeB (4G base stations), to provide very robust wide area, broadband data services at a very cost effective prices compared to alternative product solutions. TerraVision has also secured access to radio spectrum at lower frequency bands which is critical in providing wide area, robust coverage solutions.

This allows remote locations such as mine sites, to have the benefit of 4G broadband network solutions, which over much more robust coverage, network solutions than say WiFi networks, without having to commit to very expensive CAPEX solutions.

TerraVision delivers multiple solar powered trailer communication solutions for varying applications across the Mining, Agricultural and remote Emergency Services sectors. What ever the application, we can tailor a trailer to suit your needs with our capabilities in LTE and VSAT communications with options in Radio and Wifi back-haul. Our trailers are designed for use in the harshest of Australia’s remote mining conditions, so wherever you need a communications solution, TerraVision is able to deliver a mobile platform ready to meet your needs.