TerraVision is an Australian owned enterprise operating from Mount Pleasant in Perth, Western Australia and has provided engineering tracking solutions to a large cross section of industries world wide. Company expertise spans key areas of information and communications engineering as well as operations and logistics support, for the last 25 years.

Real-time Asset (eg Vessel’s and Vehicle’s) Monitoring Systems (VMS) provide exciting commercial advantages for management and productivity enhancements. By combining the latest technologies of GPS (Global Positioning Systems), radio, including very cost effective 4G cellular private networks (termed Enterprise LTE) with, as required, innovative satellite communications and a state of the art mapping display, reporting including Smart Phone Apps and information system (TerraVision) we are able to bring together the components of a powerful and effective tool that offers benefits from the day that it is installed.

BluePipe is a division of TerraVision Pty Ltd. The BluePipe system gives you real time control over your mining assets, for Fleet Management productivity enhancements. For more information on the BluePipe managed service and products, please see the following site BluePipe Mining Systems.

TerraVision is a world leading provider of CAT datalink and CANbus interface solutions for capture, transmission, analysis and display of real-time vehicular data using Smart Phone Applications.